Broomx MK Player360

Broomx MK Player360

News | by Jay Lopez | August 15 2018, 11am

Broomx’s compact system MK Player360 can display interactive VR applications and 360° immersive media on a frameless screen: your room.

MK Player360 is a cutting-edge technology which integrates an immersive projection system, CPU, Internet connection, audio and domotics control system.



The MK Player360 patented projection system covers the full user Field Of View (180°H x 120°V) with Full HD resolution.


Whether synchronized with active experiences or individually controlled by each user, MK is able to act wirelessly over lights, blinds, Movement Bed, and any kind of electrical or electronic device.



Immersive media is mixed (layers concept) with generative graphics and audio in real time, interpreting data from various internet sources and each user’s networks.


A smartphone app offers the user the capacity to interact with the environment and the multimedia content.



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