Google JUMP

Goodbye Google JUMP

News | by Jay Lopez | May 25 2019, 5am

Au revoir Google JUMP. Google JUMP is discontinuing service.

Google has stated “With the emergence of a number of alternative solutions for creators, we saw usage of Jump Assembler decline.” And with that, they are going gently into that good night on June 28, 2019.

Google JUMP

The concept of having a nice 360 camera that included a video assembler service was a great idea. But when we spoke with a rep from Google at an early prelaunch of JUMP, we asked how long is the video assembler included. The response was vague, and we got immediate flashbacks of Google Wave, Google Talk, Word Lens, Google Chat, among many other brilliant innovations that came and went.

Word Lens, we miss you the most.


But it is a barometer of how far we’ve come when you look at the amount of 360 camera solutions and stitching options that are now available.

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