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Hosting is a 79 billion dollar industry and the foundation of your website. A good hosting solution can help you effortlessly set up and manage a new site with no headaches or hassles, so it’s important that when choosing one for yourself—or even just checking out what kind there are! On this page we’ll talk about some things to consider in order not only rank well online but also enjoy peace-of mind knowing everything will work smoothly every time someone visits your website.

Domain hosting is from a 3rd party and Giant Pop is not a domain hosting company, we are an affiliate of brands we trust: SiteGround, Kinsta, Bluehost, Dreamhost and earn a commission for our recommendations at no additional cost to you. That being said we are independently owned and our honest recommendations come from findings and experience.



SiteGround has been our favorite hosting company for years. We highly recommend them if you are looking to host your website, blog or business with someone who is reliable and knowledgeable as well!

The best part is Site Ground offers 24/7 customer service so that any time something goes wrong it can be fixed immediately without having a delay getting back up an running again, which means less down time due to disruptions which save both time and money.

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DreamHost offers Managed WordPress plans features are pretty great, they scale to your needs but keep in mind that these only apply for one single website per plan. For multiple sites on the same plan you may want to consider their WordPress VPS Hosting Plans. They do offer 24/7 availability which means you can leave them a message after hours or email support anytime of day if needed; however live chat will not be available during those times that is only from 3AM-9:30 PM PST.




Kinsta is like a digital oasis for web developers. The team at Kinsta know their stuff, and can answer all of your tech questions in no time flat – they’re multilingual too!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Design

Who has the best website hosting?
We love SiteGround across the board, but for huge or demanding and resource intensive Ecommerce sites we like Kinsta.
Which is better Nginx vs Apache?
Nginx vs Apache, we give it to Nginx based on previous tests and the current common client needs.
Who offers the best hosting on a budget?
SiteGround has a StartUp plan that comes with great features and can start as low as $3.99 a month for the first year.
Do I really need 24/7 customer support from my website host?
We recommend a 24/7 online chat support at minimum. Unless your website is operating exclusively during business hours only. Sites can go down, it’s nice to get them back up as quick as possible.
Can I use GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostMonster, WP Engine or other hosting?
You are welcome to use the hosting of your choosing, but keep in mind different hosts have hidden costs, older platforms, on old tech that is slower, less effective, less secure and less flexible.


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