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HP Z VR Backpack PC

News | by Jay Lopez | August 01 2017, 10am

Cut the cord with HP’s newest VR PC

We had a chance to spend some time with this soon to be released un-tethered backpack VR ready PC. It was love first at sight. For starters the PC is only 10 pounds and feels comfortable, well built and well designed. It can broadcast a wireless signal from your head mount display direct to an external monitor. It also comes with two hip mounted battery packs, that are easy to use and change out even when your solo, so you don’t need to take the backpack off, nice touch HP. An HP Z VR Dock is also available so not only is this portable, wireless, powerful, but it could also serve as a desktop or laptop replacement. We couldn’t squeeze a price out of HP, but we’ll have more on this as it’s only a few days old.

Backpack PC

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